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  • Breastfeeding is a unique journey for every mother and baby. We're here to help every step of the way, no matter what stage of the breastfeeding journey you and your baby are in. Our team takes a personalized approach, tailoring our support to your individual needs and preferences.
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Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding challenges are quite common, so if you feel alone or like you’ve failed your baby, know that you aren’t alone! Breastfeeding comes with its ebbs and flows, and during the first few days or weeks, it may feel overwhelming. With time, practice, and support from A Woman’s Place, you can overcome all of the breastfeeding concerns you may face.

  • Latching Issues - Getting a proper latch can be tough at first, but this is important because it is key to ramping up your milk supply and keeping your baby fed.
  • Sore Nipples - Sore nipples is one of the major reasons people stop breastfeeding. They can get extremely tender, but hang in there, they should toughen up within a few weeks.
  • Breast Engorgement - Just when you thought your breasts couldn’t get any bigger, the milk came in after birth as its production ramped up. Breast engorgement should only last between 24- to 48-hours, and only improves when your baby begins breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding may seem straightforward, but there are a variety of issues you may need help with. Don’t go the breastfeeding journey alone and find the help you need for a positive breastfeeding experience
  • Get the breastfeeding support you need with A Woman’s Place today!

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  • Breastfeeding can be stressful, especially in the beginning. Don’t do it alone, reach out to get breastfeeding support from A Woman's Place in Fort Collins.
  • We have helpful breastfeeding tips to make life more comfortable for you and your child. Our consultants can teach you about things like self-care and the right way to use a breast pump.
  • Helpful Breastfeeding Tips
  • Below are some tips that you might find very useful as a new mom:
  • Know the right time to breastfeed

  • Look for support from experienced mothers or professionals

  • Understand the relationship between your diet and breastfeeding

  • Take self-care seriously

  • Prepare for breastfeeding beforehand

  • Help your baby find the right position

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